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Projects in Progress Detail

Survey, Design and Construction of Intake well, WTP, Rising Main, Pump House, Sump cum CWRs, Feeder Main, Service CWRs and Staff Quarter etc with electrical - mechanical works including installation of pumps, motors with all required accessories and one year maintenance at Akri - Barjula (GoV) Pumping Water Supply Scheme.

Detailed survey, designing and drawing, Construction of R.C.C. Intake Well cum Pump House, R.C.C. Gangway 180 M long and 3.50 M wide, 11.50 MLD capacity Conventional Water Treatment Plant, 9 nos. RCC Elevated Service Reservoir, 1 nos. RCC Sump, Staff Quarter, Compound wall, N.H. Crossing, Supplying and laying Raw and Clear Water rising main and Distribution Network, House Connection, Supplying and Installation of VT and Centrifugal pump motor, Two years operation & maintenance with allied works etc. all complete job for Chandwara Multi villages Rural Water Supply Scheme under D.W. & S. Division Jhumari Telaiya on turnkey basis.”

Execution of the work of Re Organization Urban Water Supply Scheme Jaipur City with 7 years Operation & Maintenance including 01 year defect liability period i.e. design(Selected Part), Build, Operate and Maintenance.

Multi villages Rural water supply Scheme for 158 villages of block Pawai and Shahnagar, District Panna, M.P.’ for ultimate capacity of bringing 20.62 mld treated water (23 hours pumping) from Pawai Dam on river Ken, located near village Jamda Block Shahnagar, District – Panna, in Single Package on ‘Turn-key job basis’ including trial run and operation & maintenance of the entire scheme for 10 years.

Detailed survey, design & drawing, construction of R.C.C Intake Well with pump house, R.C.C. Gangway (100m long and 3 m wide), E & M Existing Intake Well, WTP, 10.50 MLD Water Treatment Plant (WTP), 3 Nos of Elevated Service Reservoirs [ (i) 7.80 lakh litres capacity with 24 m staging for Zone – II and (ii) 9.70 lakh litres capacity with 18m staging for Zone -III,(iii) 7.80 lakh liter capacity with 20 m staging for Zone -IV, Sludge Settling Tank, Supplying and laying Clear Water Rising main & Distribution Network, Fire Hydrant Boundary wall, NH Crossing, Railway crossing, Approach road, Supplying and installation of V.T pumps, CF pumps, Electric connection, Power transformer and SCADA system, House connection, Staff Quarter(s), Chlorination system for water supply work, including Two years Operation & Maintenance with allied works, etc. all complete for Koderma Urban Water Supply Scheme under JUIDCO Limited

Engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning, of multi village rural water supply scheme for Kamlah & Mandap Area in Dharampur Block of Mandi District (HP)

Providing LWSS Sarror Khad to Churag &Tattapani area in Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi (HP) (SH :- Site Development, C/O Intake Chamber, 2.472 MLD Water Treatment Plants (16 hours capacity), Providing, Laying, Jointing and Testing of Gravity Mains, Rising mains and distribution system, Pump houses Stage at various locations, Anchor Block, Barbed wire fencing and S/E of pumping machinery for Raw water 1st& 2nd stage)

Augmentation of various Water Supply Schemes under Gram Panchayat Bagrathach, Jharer, Gattu and Chhatri of Seraj Block, Distt. Mandi (H.P.)(SH :- Construction of Jack well type river intake,1.12MLD Water Treatment Plants (16 hours capacity), Providing, Laying, Jointing and Testing of Gravity Mains, Rising mains, Pump houses Stage I, II & III at various locations, S/E of pumping machinery, Inspection huts ,MBRs and SRs at various locations including trial run period for ninety days on full designed water requirement with defect liability period for six months)

Augmentation of Drought affected for WSS Salooni Manjeer, sundla & Devi (Diur) area in Dalhousie constituency) (H.P.) SH:- C/O head weir, water treatment plant, storage tanks, Providing laying and jointing of Gravity main & distribution system, automation including Operation & Maintenance of scheme for five years)

Construction of Barwar Group of Villages Water Supply Scheme, District- Jhansi (Based on Surface Water) and relevant works including Commissioning and Operation &Maintenance for 10 Years

CW-1 Providing Irrigation Facility under HP SHIVA PRF Project for Six Clusters in District Mandi HP.

Construction of Hydrology Training Centre at Dharampur Mandi under National Hydrology Project.

Augmentation of sources of various WSS in sub division Haripur & Dehra under Dehra Constituency in Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra (H.P.) (Under NABARD RIDF XXII ) in single package on “Turn-key job basis” including trial run, defect and liability period.

Providing functional household tap connection (FHTC) under Jal Jeevan Mission by Imp. and Aug. of LWSS Logwalti Bamson under Bhoranj Constituency Distt. Hamirpur (HP).

"Construction of State Level Laboratory at Sidhpur in Tehsil Dharampur District Mandi HP"

"Construction of centre of Excellence buildings at Sidhpur Tehsil Dharampur District Mandi HP"

Construction of Sainik Academy Building at Barchwar in Tehsil Sarkaghat Distt. Mandi H.P.

Imp. & Augmentation of LWSS Dehra Town in Tehsil Dehra Distt. Kangra (HP) in single package on “Turn-key job basis” including trial run for a period of three months and defect liability six months after physical completion of all components).

Source Level Augmentation of various WSS under Jawalamukhi Constituency in Tehsil Jawalamukhi Distt. Kangra (H.P.) (Under JJM ) in single package on “Turnkey job basis” including trial run for a period of 3 months and defect and liability period as six months after physical completion of all the components of the scheme.

Providing WSS to various villages in Kasauli Constituency from Giri River including trial and testing run period of 01 month after physical completion of all components of the scheme and running operation and maintenance for 5 years

Kasmar and Adjoining villages Rural Water Supply Scheme under D.W. and S. Division Tenughat on turnkey basis.

Water Supply Project for Manipur State (SH Providing Drinking Water Supply to other Towns (12 nos.), works, Package OTP P VII (W)

Haripur multi villages Group piped water supply scheme for Dehra Block under NDB funding in single package on Turn key job basis including trial run defect and liability period and running and maintenance of the entire scheme for five years