Operation & Manitenance (18)

Providing lift water supply scheme for AIIMS and Hydro Engineering College from Kol Dam reservoir in Tehsil Sadar Distt. Bilaspur.
Augmentation of water supply scheme to Mandi town from Uhl river in Tehsil and District Mandi.
Engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning of multi village rural water supply scheme for Kamlah & Mandap areain Dharampur Block of Mandi District (HP) including trial run for 03 months and operation and maintenance for 5 years.
A/R & M/O of Aug. of LWSS Sainj Nallah to Gharog Ghandal & its adjoining village i.e Shakrah, Mehli, Devnagar, Dhami Nehra & Ghanahatti etc. in Tehsil and District Shimla.(Five year)
Annual repairs, operation and maintenance of various water supply scheme under Jaswan Pragpur area in Tehsil Dadasiba / Jaswan District Kangra for 5 years.
Annual repairs and operation & maintenance of rehabilitation and source level augmentation of varoius schemes in Changar area in Tehsil Dehra, Khundian, Jaisinghpur and Palampur in District Kangra.
Operation & maintenance of (Patlander Project) LWSS Patlander, LWSS Kasiri Mahadev, LWSS Duhak, LWSS Dhail, LWSS Chamiana, LWSS Banal, lWSS Chabutra and LWSS Karara in Hamirpur (SH:- O&M of whole project i.e. Rising main, distribution system 49545 Rmt, pumping machinery 682.50 HP, Pump house 3 Nos storage tanks 8 Nos etc for five years).
Operation & maintenance with automation of LWSS to PC Habitation (0-10 LPCD) off Mewa and Bomson constituency in Hamirpur Distt for 5 years.
Augmentation Of LWSS from Sainj Nallah to village GharogGhandal And its adjoining Panchayats i.e. Shakarah, Mehli, Dev Nagar, Dhami, Nehra and some parts Of Ghanahatti in Tehsil & Distt. Shimla (H.P.) & augmentation and remodelling Gwss Basantpur Kalvi, Nadukhar, Gharat Nallah under Iph Sub-Division Sunni Tehsil Sunni Distt. Shimla (Phase I & II) and operation & maintenance for 60 months etc.
Providing rehabilitation & source level augmentation of various schemes in Changar area in Tehsil Dehra, Khundian, Jaisinghpur & Palampur (H.P.).
Providing LWSS to P.C habitation (0-10 & 11-39 LPCD of Baira Bhadrota, in Tehsil Sarkaghat Distt. Mandi (H.P.).
Augmentation of all Drought affected water supply scheme in Gram Panchayat Uteep, Bat, Luddu & Belly from Groshan Nallah in Tehsil & Distt. Chamba.
Annual repair and maintenance of source level augmentation of NC/PC habitation for various left out WSS in Tehsil Khundia Distt. Kangra (H.P.) (SH:- O&M of Scheme for 5 years)..
Improvement of LWSS Patlander, Kasari Mahadev, LWSS Duhak, LWSS Banal and LWSS Karara from river Beas in Tehsil and Distt. Hamirpur (H.P.) and operation & maintance for 5 years.
Augmentation work of urban Water Supply Scheme of Neem Ka Thana including, P, L & jointing of rising & distribution main, providing and installation of pumping machineries, construction of ESR and CWRs, pumping stations with related civil works on single responsibility turnkey basis i.e., design, build and operation & maintenance during defect liability period up to one year after completion of works and thereafter for 10 years (Package-II).
Engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning, trial run and operation & maintenance of various components of Tourkhola and multi villages piped water supply scheme for part of Dharampur Block of Mandi District (H.P) under Jal Jeevan Mission for ultimate capacity of bringing 3.78 MLD treated water from the source Beas river (percolation wells) for 92 villages of Dharampur Block in single package on "turn-key job basis" including trial run, defect and laiblility period as 3 months after physical completion of all components of scheme, including SOP connection of the entire scheme and running operation & maintenance for 5 years.
Engineering, procurement, construction, testing, commissioning, trial run and operation & maintenance of various components of Mohkhed multi village rural water supply scheme, Distt. Chhindwara to 30 villages in single package on turn key job basis basis including trial run and operation & maintenance for 10 years.
Augmentation of source level of drought affected for WSS of Salooni Manjeer, Sundla & Devi (Diur) area in Dalhousie constituency (SH:- C/O head weir, water treatment plant, storage tanks, providing laying and jointing of gravity main & distribution system, automation including operation & maintenance of scheme for 5 years).